Save webpages and notes with Scrapbook for Firefox

Published on September 7th, 2012 | by sagar

Mozilla Firefox has a great set of add-ons which adds to the browser’s functionality. Scrapbook is an add-on which has been my personal favorite for quite some time. It is a simple add-on which allows you [&hellip... Read More



Picfull – super simple online photo editior

Published on September 2nd, 2012 | by sagar

If you have been recently searching for a tool which will enable you to apply filters to your photos and share them , then Picfull will bring a smile to your face. It is a free [&hellip... Read More



The Walking Dead Episode 3 : Long Road Ahead review

Published on September 1st, 2012 | by sagar

This is a review of The Walking Dead episode 3 – Long Road Ahead. It may contain mild spoilers. The Walking Dead introduces us to a world devastated by an undead apocalypse. Telltale Games has managed [&hellip... Read More



How to bring your Start Menu back In Windows 8?

Published on August 31st, 2012 | by sainik biswas

Microsoft removed the Start Menu in Windows 8. This was one of the greatest drawback of Windows 8 from a desktop users point of view. Fortunately, Stardock Software, the desktop enhancement company, has created Start8, a [&hellip... Read More

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