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Published on January 25th, 2012 | by sainikbiswas


How to download songs from has an extensive collection of songs and I thought is there any way to download a song or two in case just out of curiosity. What I found out is that uses rtmp protocol to playback songs. Normally there are many ways to download data from rtmp protocol and there are several types of software available to do that. The best method I found is this, because it is simple for end users to follow.Install the latest version of Internet Download Manager. As of this writing the latest version is IDM 6.07 Build 16. IDM includes a flv and various other formats grabber for downloading audio and video from streaming sites.

All you need to do is play the song you want to download and there will be a download link below the play button. Just play the songs and click on “Download audio from this page“.

An IDM dialog will pop up asking you for the location where you want to save the song.Select where you want to save the song on your hard drive and click on “Start Download” Button.

The download will start as you can see below. But unfortunately the downloads are pretty slow. I got around 10 kb/sec. What I think happened is actually the entire song is streamed and then saved.

After download completes, just play the song in Windows Media Player. VLC does not support playback due to unavailability of a certain decoder. I am using Windows Media Player with K-Lite Codec Pack installed. So if you face any problems just install K-lite codec pack and you are good to go. The downloaded files are very small around 2-5 mb at maximum so do not think that the download was incomplete because the file size is small.

You can see the downloaded file playing above.

Note: The file downloaded has an extension .mp3.flv. If you want to rename just use .flv don’t use .mp3 the file will not run. Using this method to download is illegal, as downloading files from a streaming site is considered illegal. If you want to download songs buy them. This tutorial is posted for educational purposes only.

Important: This method no longer works. The site is here for archival purposes so I am not deleting the post. 

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  • Sahil Randev


    I have tried downloading IDm latest version as you told but still i am not getting option to download audio from….so wat to do…??????

    • sainikbiswas

      make sure that the browser from which you are downloading has the IDM addon installed. the best way to see is playing a youtube video and see whether the “download from IDM” is appearing. Then you will know whether IDM is installed and working properly. If it is then there is some other issue. Kindly Check and let me know whether IDM is installed properly. The latest version is 6.08 Build 9 Make sure you have this to avoid unneccessary problems. If possible use Google Chrome as Mozilla and IE sometimes fails to provide download audio link and when you are installing make sure you have closed all your browsers. I hope this should solve your problem.

  • Adesh Sh12

    hey i am also suffering same problem, and ihave idm latest vesion but i am not getting the button of 
    Download audio from this page

    • As I replied in the earlier comment that try using Google Chrome latest version and if you want to download a song then click the play button only then you will get the “Download Audio From This Page” Button. If you have any further problems reply above and I will try to troubleshoot as far as possible

      • Dawadolma31

        i also dont see the dowload audio from this page ……………please help me how to download song .thanks a lot

        • hi again please look through the comments to see if your problem is solved. The trick is to use latest versions of browsers and download managers and make sure that you play the song in order for the download button to appear

  • Awesome. Had no trouble using firefox latest version. Genius. Thanks a lot!

  • Tejaswa Gavankar

    thnx man, brilliant. b4 i used 2 hear on d radio n download, or look up d top 10 4 downloading. This idea has simplified it 🙂 @d ppl who didnt get it in chrome “u need 2 close d window first” 😛

    • sainikbiswas

      glad it helped

  • japs

     hai japs

  • Rsrajveershekhawat220

    there is no download link below play button

    • sainikbiswas

      Hi Rajveer as I have mentioned earlier please use the latest version of IDM and Google Chrome, you have to click the play button for the song which you want to download and then you will get a “Download Audio From This Page” option. If you have any other problems please let me know I will try to solve those but this one should work.

  • Himani nagwani

    thnk u very much for the solution but can u pls tell me the other two ways also to download from the rtmp protocol i’ll be very gr8ful to u if i learn the other two also
    thanking u ……..

    •  Hi, Himani give me some time and I will post a new article on different ways to download files using rtmp protocol and let you know as soon as it is available.

  • Sarbaridey07

    Thank you so much…it really worked well…

    • sainikbiswas

      you are welcome. Meanwhile you can enjoy our other posts in downloadcrunch

    • Sarbaridey07

       sorry…issue is this it’s downloading the first song again & again…have searched for one album/song and wants to download’s not happening 🙁

      •  Try closing your browser and then selecting the album. This problem is with IDM’s  grabber for some reason it sometimes downloads the same song over and over again. So close the browser and then select the song you want to download. I hope this will solve your problem Sarbari.

  • Tanisha101

    the option “download audio from this page” is cannot be seen below the play option 

    •  Hi Tanisha, please be specific on the browser you are using and make sure that there are no toolbars at the bottom of the browser. Sometimes the “download audio” option may be hidden from view because of that. Look through the comments for any additional help. If it doesn’t resolve your problem please send an email using the contact form I will look into it.

  • vijay

    thanks dude it will be so helpull.

  • Sudeshna_2942

    quite useful

  • Omkarwagh707

    its useful

  • m using newer version of browser but m not able to see “download audio from this page ” …..idm is integrated with chrome also.plz help

  • okk thnx as it worked for Mozilla Firefox……..thnx alot….superb

  • Vrinda

    i can’t see the “download audio from this page” option below the play button

    •  Hi Vrinda you need to play the song in order for the download audio from this page option to appear and make sure you are using latest versions. Please look through comments many users have faced the same problem as you. If it still doesn’t solve the problem let me know. I will see what I can do

  • 28maani

    Hello sainik, i am also not able to find that download tab. plz help on this….

    • Sainikbiswas

       Hi, there as I have told before a numerous times you need to make sure you have the latest browser and the latest version of IDM in order to make sure that you get the download button when you play a song from so do that and even then if you are having a problem let me know.

  • shasha shay

    Excellent post buddy and good that you included a disclaimer at the end. Even I did some analysis on’s humongous growth. If you have time please visit it.

  • Nazneen nesa

    thankz foe this thing if it works den u have done a godd job or just get lost! 😛

  • Fleur_latouche

    Very informative. Thank U. Fleur

  • friend

    there is no download audio from this page option below play button

  • sonu

    thanks brother…but i want to know that how i dowanload all song of a artist…not one by one..all song

    • Hi Sonu, let me see if I can find a way to do that. If I find a way I will let you know.

  • Angel

    sorry it may sound little stupid but i had downloaded latest version of IDM but its asking for key.. do i have to purchase that..please help..

    • Yes idm is a paid product so u need to buy a serial key in order to activate it. However if u cannot buy it you might find a crack on the torrent sites

    • Yes, you need to purchase a key as idm is a shareware software. However if u cannot buy yo can always find a crack on the web

    • Angel

      okk i got the crack from the net..but its not playing in windows media player..

      • U need to have k-lite codec pack installed for the song to play.

        • Angel

          thanks for replying me..i had installed k-lite full (24 mb).. now i am able to play on windows media player but i am not able to forward or rewind the song, means it always starts from the beginning.
          can this be fixed??

          • hi angel,I noticed the problem. The audio is not forwarding or rewinding. I am looking for a solution I will let you know by tomorrow. Meanwhile I also wanted to mention that VLC media player can also play the audio file but it cannot forward or rewind it. So now we have 2 players with the same problem.

          • Hi, there. Well the solution is to actually convert the flv file to mp3. Go to , Upload the flv file, and press convert. You will get a download link in mp3. Play that mp3 file, forwarding and rewinding issue will be resolved.

          • Hi, there. Well the solution is to actually convert the flv file to mp3. Go to
            , Upload the flv file, and press convert. You will get a download link
            in mp3. Play that mp3 file, forwarding and rewinding issue will be
            resolved. You can use any other mp3 converters too if you want.

  • raj kumar

    how to download albums from

    • Hi Raj, unfortunately I do not know how to download albums from, but I am looking into it. It’s a very interesting thing you pointed out, if I find a solution I will let you know.

  • Ashish Dhupar

    hii…. I am not being able to download songs from
    I have downloaded the latest idm …. but can’t see the download option below on !!

    Plz help…

  • Priyansh

    I Still can not downloading songs from . I am using IDM 6.14 Final Build 3, With Crack…. I am able to download from Youtube with IDM, But Still i m not form, I will try Firefox and Crome both but can’t work. Plz Help me……

  • Bitrate: 64 Kbps and after renaming the file from FLV to MP3 the sound gets distorted.

    So any method to rip those songs at higher bitrates, around 320 or 128?

    • I don’t think so for that to happen I guess the file needs to be grabbed at higher quality which I don’t know exactly how to do.

  • Ramesh

    does the song need to be played completely for the download to happen??

    • Nope, nothing like that but when you download the file through IDM you will note that the times it takes to download is equal to the song’s total track time. But you dont need to keep the song playing once IDM grabs it you are done.

  • archit

    Is it possible to download songs from ganna android app?

    • hi archit, I don’t know exactly. I have never tried it on Android. Maybe if there is a way to grab the rtsp links and then put those links through a download app, maybe it might work.

  • Dhyan Vyom

    How to download songs from using linuxmint?

    • Hi Dhyan, I never tried on linuxmint, but I read somewhere that
      jdownloader supports downloading rtmp streams,you can try using
      jdownloader or any linux software that can grab rtmp streams. Once you
      can get the rtmp stream link you can use a downloader that supports rtmp
      to grab the file. try rtmpdump it can download all rtmp links. here’s
      the link Hope this might help.

  • Guest

    Actually, one can easily download songs with out the help of any download manager because of the BUG in If you carefully analyze the HTTP request header and there Response, u can get the full URL of the mp3 songs which you can download simply by pasting it in browser.

    • Hi, so would that mean using a sniffer like Wireshark to look through the http headers. I think that will be a bit more difficult for simple users. However if there is a simple way let us know in the comments.

  • Ved

    hey guys can u help me? that download this audio song is not coming so how to download……?

  • sanchari

    bekar ways

  • KV Aadith Raj

    angle i may help you if you know how to download torrents yhen you could download in from the pirates bay if not go to youtube and search for it (idm ful )

  • Lucky

    Hi, Please follow these 3 simple steps to download any song.
    1. Opena in FF or chrome and press F12, it will open developer window.
    2. Click on netwrok tab as shown in figure.
    3. now select the song you want to download from play list, the song will be shown in Network list as showin in Step1 fig. Then, right click on songnumber.mp3 line > copy link address and paste it in other tab/window. It will take some time to download and automatically played on your browser. Right click on browser and save as.

  • Tilak Koushik

    do we get album cover

  • Audiowala

    download all gaana songs from htp:// website

  • Trikam Rajpurohit

    hey bro @ LUCKY you are really ossum…thanks a lot

  • MahaliaCivale

    You also can download songs from these Free MP3 download sites in amoyshare.

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