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How to access your Chrome apps directly without opening the Chrome Web Browser?

Google has this interesting concept of hosted apps.  Google states that

Even though web apps such as Gmail and Facebook are much more important to users than other web pages, most web browsers treat apps and pages in the same way. For example, bookmarks for web apps look the same as bookmarks for other web pages.

Another issue is that security defaults that make sense for normal web pages are often a bad match for web apps. Normal web pages must ask for permission from the user before they can do relatively innocuous things like show notifications, use the clipboard, or access permanent storage. This makes sense; it would be annoying for random web pages you stumble across to show desktop notifications. On the other hand, if a web app repeatedly asks for permission, that’s a terrible user experience“.

The solution for this, according to Google is the concept of installable web apps. When you are installing a Web App from Chrome Web Store you are installing the app yourself and granting the app proper permissions, it needs to work properly. However if you are concerned regarding your privacy you can completely ignore the app and look for other alternatives  in the app store which provide better security and privacy. You can also completely choose not to install an app if you want , but that’s not the objective of this topic.

You can read the post below or directly watch the video at the bottom of the page. Following the video will be much easier as you can follow the steps more easily.

First of all start Google Chrome, then “Sign In To Chrome” with your Gmail username and password.

After logging in, open a new tab in Chrome, and Select “ChromeWeb Store” From the Apps Tab.

Now type “DownloadCrunch” on the Search page and press Enter.

After the app is displayed select the “Add To Chrome” option.

Then Click on “Add”. The app is now being installed in your computer.

Right-Click the DownloadCrunch app and select “Create Shortcut”.

From the Shortcuts Dialog Box, select the shortcuts you need and press create. Here I selected only the Desktop shortcut but you can select all at the same time.

Now close your Chrome Web Browser and launch the app from the shortcut Chrome created for you.

On launching you will notice that the app opens in a new window and the Chrome browser is not attached to the window. 

You can pin it to your taskbar, create a Start Menu shortcut or a Desktop Shortcut, just like you do with an app. This is true and holds for all apps installed on Chrome.

In this video we will show you how to install the DownloadCrunch app from Chrome Web Store, then create shortcuts so that you can access it directly without opening the browser and finally how to remove the app, in case you decide to do so.


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