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Published on September 2nd, 2012 | by sagar


Picfull – super simple online photo editior

If you have been recently searching for a tool which will enable you to apply filters to your photos and share them , then Picfull will bring a smile to your face. It is a free to use web application and its user interface is implemented very well. You probably will not need any help to get started with Picfull.

Picfull Vintage Dark filter

You do not need any registration to start using Picfull. Just upload any photo from your computer and apply a filter. Each filter comes with many options in order to tweak it according to your preference. The filters are on the left and the preview is displayed on the right.The eighteen filters which Picful offers are – Vintage Dark , Colored Dots , Old Photo , Two Colors , Line Coloring , Yellowed , Aquarelle , Vintage , Pen Outline , Blurring With Zoom , Color Separation , Sepia , Color Stains , Glow , Old Colored , Pencil Strokes , Color Balance , Posterizer. You can always revert any changes that you made.

Picfull Pen Outline filter

I was fiddling with the different filters and one which particularly got my attention is Pen Outline.You will probably want to try all the available filters and change their default color schemes to gain new interesting looks.

Picfull save and share

When your click on SAVE you are given the option to share your photo in Facebook , Twitter or to e-mail the photo.You can even decide to simply save the photo in your computer.

Picfull is simple , works well , does not require any registration and offers some very good filters and tweaking options.Try Picfull today and discover a web app you will definitely love.

OK so now lets teleport you to the Picfull website.

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