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The Walking Dead Episode 3 : Long Road Ahead review

This is a review of The Walking Dead episode 3 – Long Road Ahead. It may contain mild spoilers.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - A Long Road Ahead

The Walking Dead introduces us to a world devastated by an undead apocalypse. Telltale Games has managed to produce a five part game which will let you choose from a set of options and based on your choice the game will proceed. You play as Lee Everet who is seen to be transported to prison when the game starts(Episode 1) .As a result of the apocalypse Lee’s trip is cut short and he is left in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out what has happened. Now It is up you to keep Lee alive and help him protect Clementine , a little girl he meets on the way. The five parts of the game are : episode 1 –  A New Day , episode 2 – Starved For Help , Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead , episode 4 – Around Every Corner and episode 5 – No Time Left. The latest episode which was released is episode 3 – Long Road Ahead. If you are looking for a zombie game which will let you blast your way with a shotgun then you should probably give this a pass. In case you are having any doubts the game offers plenty of  zombie skull bashing.

Long Road Ahead focuses on conflicts within the group of survivors Lee is a part of. The group faces threats from both the undead and the bandits. An important event in this episode is that Lee is convinced to tell the others about the fact that he was convicted of murder. He learns that there a a thief in the group who is probably working for the bandits. The motor inn ,which has given the group shelter for quite some time , is attacked by the bandits and a bloody conflict is set in motion. To make things worse zombies show up and Lee along with the others is forced to abandon the motor inn.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - A Long Road Ahead

The game presents us with an environment which has lots of interaction points. When you click on an interaction dot you are given multiple options like see , push , use an item you previously  collected and so on. When you click on the see option Lee is seen to be talking to himself and describing the interaction object in the process. Navigation is simple and can be done with the mouse and the WASD keys.The game menu is simple and straight forward. On being attacked by a walker you need to repeatedly press Q and kill by pressing E.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - A Long Road Ahead

Conversations with the other characters is a major component of the game and it has been very well implemented. During a conversation you can decide what to say to someone. When someone asks a question you are give a limited time to choose an option.The person you are talking to remembers what you tell them and this shapes the game later on.

The comic book type graphics is both fresh and effective. Black lines trace the characters and objects. Since the Walking Dead is set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series , the visuals will appeal to many. The voice acting  is very well done. The soundtrack is also good.

The Walking Dead basically lets you tailor your own story. You can replay the game and make different choices from the ones you made previously. Episode 3 is the most adventurous episode till now . It tests the groups unity and ability to work together. Things are more varied in this episode.It offers problem solving and comparatively more shooting.

Since this is an episodic adventure it is highly recommended that you play the previous two episodes in order to fully enjoy it. The main strength of the game lies in its story and letting players mold how the game proceeds.

Summary —

Story – One of the major upsides of the game .

Game-play and Presentation –  Fantastic conversation system and interesting character design really sets the mood. The pace of the story is pretty accurate. Controls are well laid out and easy to use.

Graphics and Sound – Comic art style is both fresh and good looking at the same time. Solid voice acting makes the characters feel life like.

DownloadCrunch rates this game 9 out of 10


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