About Us

The DownloadCrunch website is an online publication for publishing know-hows, tips and tricks, software reviews, news related to computer technology. This site was created by Sainik Biswas and Sagar Majumdar on 27 July 2011. We are very passionate about technology and are students pursuing higher studies in Computer Applications. We helped fixed computers and tech problems for lots of our family members and friends so people called us and asked us to help them, and as we didn’t charge for the services calls just kept on increasing. So when someone asked us to help on an issue which we already knew how to fix we just thought of posting an article on the site to and referring them to the article as it was not possible for us to go to everyone’s house and troubleshoot problems or remotely connect and do it for them and so the idea of DownloadCrunch was born. So now not only our family and friends can access the site but everyone. This site is also our goto guide to things we know. If you have any suggestions regarding the website please use the Contact Us Form to send us a query and enjoy your stay at the site.